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There is a quote that says chaos brings opportunity- and how true this is!

Who would have thought that 2020 would be such an unpredictable and chaotic year? And yet, 2020 has encouraged all of us to embrace 'new' technologies and new opportunities.

Although telemedicine has been around for many decades, in this pandemic season, we are only now able to appreciate all of its many benefits.

How can telemedicine help you?:

*** "Telemedicine video visits are easy to arrange!" You just choose an appointment time that suits your schedule! 

*** "Telemedicine video visits are convenient!" You don't have to leave the comfort of your home or workplace to see a doctor! No driving, no taxis, no baby sitters and no taking time off work! Just pick up your phone or head to your PC- healthcare made easy!

*** "Telemedicine video visits are affordable!" The all-inclusive fee covers your visit AND your prescription, your sick leave, your referral letters for investigations and second opinions, etc. And you get a summary of each visit on your mobile app. No surprises! 

Even before you book a video visit, once you're registered on our Patient Portal, you'll have access to our FREE health blog AND your own FREE personalised mobile app!


In addition to our telemedicine consultation services, Eden House Medical is also very committed to your mental health, emotional well-being AND your spiritual health. 

What do we mean? Well, just think of a Department store! On the first floor they usually sell shoes. On the second floor they usually sell ladies dresses. And on the third floor they usually sell bedding! 

We're just like a department store too! We have three departments with fantastic resources just for you- mind, body and spirit!

Check out our site by clicking on the photos below and our super helpful 'how to' videos at the bottom of this home page (in the footer menu)- 'USING THIS SITE'.

Mind. Body. Spirit. Live your best life today! 

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

World Health Organisation

Health: the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit.


About Dr. Celestine

Dr. Rufaro Celestine

CEO and Founder, Eden House Medical

Welcome to Eden House Medical! My name is Dr. Ru Celestine and I have successfully treated over 150,000 patients in my career.

I graduated from medical school in Ireland in 1987. However, like all new doctors, I knew that I had much more to learn about the ins and outs of really caring for my patients than university alone had taught me! Fortunately, throughout my career, I have had many excellent teachers. Sometimes these teachers were my senior doctors and, at other times, some of these teachers were my very own patients! I've learned from them all!

I became a Specialist Physician in Public Health Medicine and for many years, I owned and managed a successful medical center in Point Fortin, south Trinidad. Following that, I was appointed to be the Medical Chief of Staff of Scarborough General Hospital in Tobago.

Like many of you, over the years, I have also had my challenges with maintaining my desired weight! You know how it goes. Stressed out- my weight would go up! When I was feeling great (full of purpose and passion)- I would be at my ideal weight!

I'm sure you've been there too!

Now, through this website, I'm going to share with you every lesson that I've learned in my career and personal life about maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle! I know that these tips and resources will help you to manage your own health challenges better! 

Good health means having a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy spirit.

Eden House Medical: helping you to live your best life today!


In-person office visits can be arranged with the Calder Hall Medical Center.

Please call for an appointment: 639-8516 or 660-7873. 

To arrange a telemedicine video visit appointment, please click on the 'waiting room' photo above for instructions. 


Calder Hall Medical Centre, 38 Calder Hall Road, Scarborough, Tobago